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Vintage Jesus

Vintage Jesus, our April – June preaching series, is all about Jesus-yesterday-today-and forever!

We will explore, the truth about his character, nature and work. We’ll be answering questions like:

Is Jesus the only God? How human was he? How did people know he was coming? Where is Jesus today? What difference has Jesus made in history? What will Jesus do upon his return?

The book, Vintage Jesus, by Mark Driscoll and Gerry Breshears combines profound understanding of modern culture with weighty Christian doctrine. Nonbelievers and new Christians looking to sit down and delve into the topic of Jesus, asking the toughest, most confounding questions they can think of, will find solid, biblical answers presented in a relevant, accessible way.

On Sunday, 6th June it is all His story! We look at the difference Jesus has made in history.

What do you think, did three years of active public life really have an impact that has lasted all this time?

VINTAGE JESUS – week 7 – 6th June 2021 – Rev Allan Booth

The Holy Spirit can be scary for us, even weird. Is it really something to be afraid of or should we welcome the Spirit?

Methodism sprung from a personal experience of the Spirit at work, What wonders might be in store for us…?

Join us as we celebrate the birth of the church, this Pentecost Sunday!

VINTAGE JESUS – week 6 – 23rd May 2021 – Rev Allan Booth

On Sunday, 16th May Allan answers the question: So where is Jesus today? His picture is on coffee mugs, in movies, on bill boards and T-shirts. But where is He really? Everywhere!

VINTAGE JESUS – week 5 – 16th May 2021 – Rev Allan Booth

On Sunday the 9th May HillSide asked how did people know Jesus was coming? Well how could they not? Prophecies dating back thousands of years all point in the same direction… so why did they miss him? Who are you expecting as your Messiah?

VINTAGE JESUS – week 4 – 9th May 2021 – Rev Allan Booth

On Sunday, 2nd May Allan asked:  How human was Jesus? Sometimes the “real man” Jesus makes us uncomfortable. Yet Isaiah 53: 2-3 reminds us of his ordinariness. It is easier to keep Jesus on a divine altar, than to connect with the man himself. Truly God, truly man .. there is none like him!

VINTAGE JESUS – week 3 – 2nd May 2021 – Rev Allan Booth

On Sunday, 25th April Allan asked is Jesus the only God? Either Jesus was a rampant lunatic schizophrenic … or exactly who he said he is, God in human form.

VINTAGE JESUS – week 2 – 25th April – Rev Allan Booth

Stewi kicked off our new series on Sunday, 18th April, by asking: Just who is Jesus to you?!!

VINTAGE JESUS – week 1 – 18th April – Stewart Howarth

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