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Reaching towards Easter

Sadly we are still unable to resume our services in person; unfortunately Nobel is still waiting for authorization from the GDE granting hall users permission to access their facilities. So for now we will continue to live stream our service on Facebook:

Or you may catch the recorded service on YouTube a little later in the morning;)

Thank you for your continued patience, support and understanding. Join us as we pray that this permission will come through soon! We are missing you!!

Sunday 21st March: Have you ever or are you now wavering in your faith, questioning God, wondering where God is while things seem to be falling apart around you?

Then draw close to Peter’s experience around that first Easter to find a fellow doubter and discover what doubt can do for your faith!

s Easter – Week 5 – 21st March 2021 – LP Lauren Kuiken

Sunday 14th March: Allan asks if we have a minute? This is a question that is usually asked of us when we are at our busiest. We grieve our loved ones saying “life is so short”. Yet Jesus offers us eternal life ….

Reaching towards Easter – Week 4 – 14th March 2021 – Have you got a minute

Sunday 7th March: Keith asks how our Lenten journey is going? Not if we have or haven’t broken our fasts but rather how’s OUR WALK WITH GOD going? And just what is it that God wants from us?!!

NB: We apologize for ALL the technical problems that bombarded this service!

Reaching towards Easter – Week 3 – 7th March 2021 – What God wants from us

Sunday 28th February: Peter Sarstedt sings “Without darkness there’s no light” Our journey toward Easter is from darkness to light.  We do not live in a filtered world of light only, but the darkness cannot overcome the light!

Reaching towards Easter – Week 2 – 28th February 2021 – Prince of the World

Sunday 21st February is the first Sunday in the season of Lent. This is the time of preparation for the coming glory of Easter:

In every renovation, whether car or house, there is a breaking down before there is a building up. At the lowest point of the break down we can’t imagine the beautiful end result. The question must be asked….has Jesus really renovated/ renewed my life?

Reaching towards Easter – Week 1 – 21st February 2021 – Demolition and Renovation