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#qof Hillside’s 5th Sunday is Questions of Faith sunday

Should Christians a) pray for revival b) speak in tongues c) tithe to the church?

What does it mean to practise church discipline in our era, when people are prone to sue?

Should children sit through ‘big church’?

When does life start, as in when does one receive a soul? Before or after birth?

These were the questions Allan and Stewi answered on Sunday the 29th August; listen to their answers at:

Does God’s grace extend beyond death?

If grace is given freely what does it demand of me?

These are just 2 of your questions that Allan and Stewi tackled on Sunday, 31st January, in the first of our 5th Sunday Questions of Faith!

Your comments and any follow-up questions in response to Sunday’s discussion are most welcome:

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Until we are able to worship in person please stay safe and at home and join us for 9am on Facebook this and the foreseeable Sundays.